Laura Bakery & Cafe

Pizza tomato Danish

AED 24.00

A savory delight with our Pizza Tomato Danish, a unique creation that reflects the artisanal excellence of Laura's Home Bakery. This delectable pastry combines the savory goodness of pizza and the flakiness of Danish, featuring a harmonious blend of flavorful tomato sauce, cheese, and tender pastry layers.

Experience the savory joy of indulging in this treat, suitable for brunch, snacks, or anytime you desire a savory twist on a classic pastry. Laura's Home Bakery is dedicated to crafting memorable savory moments with the finest ingredients and timeless techniques. Our Pizza Tomato Danish promises a taste of artisanal and flavorful delight in every bite.

Savor the savory goodness and creativity of our Pizza Tomato Danish, where Laura's Home Bakery redefines artisanal and flavorful pastries.

AED 24.00